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EXIT EDEN Feat. AVANTASIA, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS Singers: Video For Cover Of DEPECHE MODE’s ‘A Question Of Time’

EXIT EDEN, the all-female four-piece ensemble featuring Amanda Somerville, Clémentine Delauney, Marina La Torraca and Anna Brunner, has released a video for its cover version of the song "A Question Of Time", originally recorded by DEPECHE MODE. EXIT EDEN unites all attributes ascribed to the new millennium: cosmopolitan, self-confident-independent and ready to do their very own thing. Despite their diversity, the four singers blend together personally as superbly as they do vocally with their very diverse vocal tones and techniques that go from opera style to raspy rock. This constellation created extraordinary and powerful ideas and finally became their unique plan to raise EXIT EDEN's very own edge: to show the world that almost every classic song can be transformed into a solid metal-rock song. EXIT EDEN's debut, "Rhapsodies In Black", which was released on August 4 via Napalm Records (worldwide excluding Germany, Switzerland and Austria, where it was made available via Starwatch), is home to a colorful mix of international super hits from Rihanna to Madonna, from DEPECHE MODE to Adele, and many more. Still and all, it's miles away from being just a cover album. Who the musicians are: Amanda Somerville: Amanda is a rock-solid authority of the music scene, both as a solo artist and sharing success and the stage with bands like AVANTASIA, EPICA and KAMELOT. Though her American roots are based in pop and rock, she fell in love with the metal scene and made it her home. She has toured with Alice Cooper, Ian Gillan and many more legends with her commanding voice and fronts the projects TRILLIUM and KISKE SOMERVILLE (with HELLOWEEN icon Michael Kiske). All of this, combined with her wide range of experience, grants her a unique edge and a permanent address in the metal world. Anna Brunner: A natural talent, Anna began singing at a very young age. As a daughter of a German father and an American mother, she grew up bilingual and founded her first rock band as a teenager. Due to a music study that lead her through different parts of the world, she garnered a multitude of experience and it became crystal clear to her: music has to rock — and vocals need to be emotional — just like a passionate scream. Marina La Torraca: Hailing from Brazil, Marina was born with rhythm in her blood. As the auspicious frontwoman of several metal bands since the age of 15, her path led her to Europe, where she got to perform with AVANTASIA and to found her up-and-coming band PHANTOM ELITE. Since having studied musical theater in New York, the versatile singer and actress can also be seen internationally in musical productions, including the upcoming German tour of the Broadway hit "Rent". For her, being close to the crowd is what counts — no problem for her and her natural convincing character. Clémentine Delauney: Clémentine was born near Paris 30 years ago. She has been a multi talent since her childhood days — no matter if she was dancing, playing the piano or singing, she enchanted her audience. At the age of 16, she joined her first metal band. She is currently fronting symphonic metal outfit VISIONS OF ATLANTIS and also worked with SERENITY and MELTED SPACE. Another one of her career highlights is her participation on Kai Hansen's (HELLOWEEN, GAMMA RAY) first solo album, released in 2016. Thus, Clémentine has carved her way into being one of the great performers of the scene. "Rhapsodies In Black" track listing: 01. A Question Of Time 02. Unfaithful 03. Incomplete 04. Impossible 05. Frozen 06. Heaven 07. Firework 08. Skyfall 09. Total Eclipse Of The Heart 10. Paparazzi 11. Fade To Grey

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According to The Pulse Of Radio, FOO FIGHTERS have released a new track titled "Soldier" as part of a series of digital tracks issued to benefit Planned Parenthood. An eventual vinyl version of the series, dubbed "7-Inches For Planned Parenthood", is i...

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SWEET & LYNCH Featuring MICHAEL SWEET, GEORGE LYNCH: Third EPK For ‘Unified’ Album

The third EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for "Unified", the sophomore album from SWEET & LYNCH — the band featuring guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of STRYPER, legendary guitarist George Lynch (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB), bassist James LoMenzo (MEGADETH, WHITE LION, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and drummer Brian Tichy (THE DEAD DAISIES, WHITESNAKE) — is available below. The disc will be released on November 10 via Frontiers Music Srl. Says Sweet: "George and I couldn't be more excited about this album! We've worked very hard to bring you the best of both worlds — a throwback of the chart-topping STRYPER/DOKKEN days yet with a modern production that fits right in with anything out there now in the rock world today. "We couldn't be more proud than to be working with Brian Tichy and James LoMenzo again as they are the best rhythm section you'll ever hear. "If you liked SWEET & LYNCH I, you're going to love 'Unified'." "Unified" track listing: 01. Promised Land 02. Walk 03. Afterlife 04. Make Your Mark 05. Tried & True 06. Unified 07. Find Your Way 08. Heart Of Fire 09. Bridge Of Broken Lies 10. Better Man 11. Live To Die Michael previously said that SWEET & LYNCH was formed when Frontiers president Serafino Perugino approached him "to sing and write for what [Serafino] was referring to as a 'supergroup' project — (one of the first) that Frontiers would be putting together and releasing. I was, of course, not only intrigued by the idea but also humbled that he would ask me! Jon Levin [DOKKEN] was suggested as the possible guitarist and I suggested to Serafino getting the man himself, Mr. Scary [George Lynch] involved. Serafino was, of course, excited about the idea. Frontiers has told me how happy they are with my production on the new STRYPER albums, so I immediately suggested producing as well. Serafino also agreed. I contacted George [as soon as possible] and he quickly agreed to be a part of this exciting project. It was decided that he and I would co-write everything together and that I would produce." Sweet, who is a devout Christian, also talked about his working relationship with George, who considers himself to be a freethinker/atheist. "You may ask how does an atheist and a Christian work together in a band situation? The answer is respect. Although I don't agree with George's spiritual/religious views (and he doesn't agree with mine, assumedly), we respect each other as musicians, friends and human beings. "I'm free to do many things with the hope that maybe, just maybe, my life might have a profound effect on people I come in contact with. "I've spoken with George many times over and he always strikes me as a genuine soul and someone who cares for and loves people. Bottom line? He's a great guy and I'm proud to be a part of this with George. "Although we don't see eye to eye in our beliefs, we respect each other enough to not let that come between us." Lynch concurred, telling Antihero Magazine: "There could potentially be a conflict there between Michael and I, and we've talked about that. I'm sort of a freethinking atheist, and he's a born-again Christian. I've been through that in my life; I was a born-again Christian at one point. I was the guy knocking on your door handing out tracks. I played in a Pentecostal charismatic band that did revivals… tent revivals in black neighborhoods in South Central L.A. — yeah, all kinds of stuff. I definitely have something to say about all that, but I don't know how effective I am at it. I'm not RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. I wish I was." SWEET & LYNCH's debut album, "Only To Rise", was released in January 2015 via Frontiers Music Srl.

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EVANESCENCE Releases Music Video For ‘Imperfection’

EVANESCENCE has released the official music video for the song "Imperfection". Taken from the band's next album, "Synthesis", which is due on November 10, the track features full orchestration in a completely synthetic world of beats and sounds, with help from arranger and composer David Campbell. "Synthesis" will feature two new EVANESCENCE songs in addition to fan favorites re-recorded with a live orchestra and electronica. The album includes guest performance by famed violinist Lindsey Stirling on "Hi-Lo", the other new song on the album. EVANESCENCE singer Amy Lee described the inspiration behind "Imperfection": "For me, this is the most important song on the album. I struggled with the lyrics for a long time because there was a lifetime of work to live up to and I wasn't sure what to say or how to be good enough. When it finally started pouring out of me, it was undeniable. I had no choice. It's for all the people we've lost, all the people who we could lose, to suicide and depression. I'm singing from the perspective of the person left behind, the person in the waiting room. It's a plea to fight for your life, to stay. Don't give in to the fear — I have to tell myself that every day. Nobody is perfect. We are all imperfect, and it's precisely those imperfections that make us who we are, and we have to embrace them because there's so much beauty in those differences. Life is worth fighting for. You are worth fighting for." The "Synthesis Live" tour launched on October 14 on the West Coast. Like the album, "Synthesis Live" features a reimagining of some of EVANESCENCE's best-loved songs with the spotlight on full orchestra, electronics combined with the band and Lee's virtuoso piano and voice. "This is a total passion project for me. There are so many layers in our music, underneath the huge drums and guitars," explained Lee. "I've always wanted to shine a light on some of the gorgeous David Campbell arrangements and programming elements in our songs, and that idea snowballed into completely re-doing them with full orchestra, not just strings, elaborate programming and experimentation. "This will be our first time touring with orchestra and I'm so excited to perform this way — really focus on the vocals, and the emotion and the story we've built over the years. I'm also really excited about the new material on the album. Besides the two new songs, there are some really beautiful instrumental in-between moments. The whole thing flows like a big, dynamic soundtrack." Lee told about "Synthesis": "It's different in a way that it's still coming from the roots of what EVANESCENCE was conceived to be,. It's really a beautiful project. A lot of our old songs are getting a whole new life in a way where we're getting to experience the focus being this beautiful, full orchestra. It's also a lot of electronic, cool elements — parts that have always been part of our music. It hasn't been full orchestra before — it's just been mainly strings — but just taking it to very beautiful, classical and epic and groovy place. Oh, it feels so good. There's some new stuff on it too, but it's mostly old stuff [reimagined]." Lee also talked in more detail about the making of "Synthesis", explaining: "As far as the conception, basically, you work in demo land first and just create the arrangements of songs. I went through all the master sessions of, say, 'Bring Me To Life', and [I would] pull out all the stuff and listen to it and then chop it up and decide, 'Oh, maybe this part needs to be longer. Maybe this part at the beginning will be just strings and piano.' Just figure out what you're gonna do and build a map. And working with David Campbell, who has done all the string arrangements for EVANESCENCE for all three albums now doing full orchestra, just going back and forth with him and our producer Will and then each other, just throwing ideas in a Dropbox and basically just playing tennis back and forth for months."

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ROB ZOMBIE Guitarist JOHN 5 Guests On NIKKI SIXX’s ‘My Favorite Riff’ Series (Video)

Former MARILYN MANSON and current ROB ZOMBIE guitarist John 5 is featured in the latest episode of MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx's new original video series, "My Favorite Riff With Nikki Sixx". In the episode, which can be viewed below, John 5 talks about the show "Hee Haw" inspiring him to pick up the guitar and the beauty in simplicity. He dispalys his chicken pickin', shows off the awesome riffs in some Michael Jackson hits and country riffs in metal songs. He also speaks on his inspirations ("anything out of the norm") and talks about how he went from wanting to only be a session performer to touring the world. In "My Favorite Riff With Nikki Sixx", Nikki sits down with some of the world's greatest guitar and bass players, along with future stars, to talk about music, gear, and most importantly, riffs. Think of it as "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" but with rock stars.

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Former METALLICA Bassist JASON NEWSTED Selling Montana Ranch For $5 Million

According to the Los Angeles Times, former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted has listed his ranch in historic Sula, Montana for sale at $4.95 million. The property, named "Rockin JN Ranch," has belonged to Newsted for more than a decade. The 545-acre ge...

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MICHAEL AMOTT On Not Writing With JEFF LOOMIS: ‘He Has A Great Style, But It’s Not Really ARCH ENEMY Style’

ARCH ENEMY guitarist Michael Amott was recently interviewed by Greece's Rock Pages. The full chat can be streamed below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): On not including guitarist Jeff Loomis in the writing process for new album "Will To Power": Michael: "I write all the music with Daniel [Erlandsson], our drummer, like I've done for many years. I co-wrote one a little bit with my brother as well, Chris. Like the ballad, 'Reason To Believe', came out of a jam with my brother. Jeff has a great style, but it's not really ARCH ENEMY style. He's got a great style. I really, I'm one of the original NEVERMORE fans. I've toured with them back in the day before anybody really listened to NEVERMORE. I had their demo tapes before they made albums. That's how far I go back with them. But, it's just a different style of writing. It's very dark, very progressive. And I think it's really fucking cool, but it's not really ARCH ENEMY style… at this time." On the band's continued growth: Michael: "We've had an interesting career, in a way that every album has been bigger and bigger for us, but it's been quite slow. We made a few big jumps, like, between 'Burning Bridges' to 'Wages Of Sin', we made a big jump... and then after 'Doomsday Machine', we made a big jump in America. Some albums have been more popular in Japan. You can't please everybody. But we've had a very consistent career, and [we've] been lucky enough to grow a solid fan base, a very solid fan base, all over the world. I like all the albums — they all tell their own story; they have their own place in our history as a band. The new album has been going down very, very well; the reactions are phenomenal to 'Will To Power', but I think that's coming off the back of a huge world tour for 'War Eternal', which was close to three hundred concerts all around the world. There's not a lot of bands that do that. Now we have a really strong fan base, and we have an exciting element with Alissa [White-Gluz] fronting the band — she's phenomenal — and great music behind it, of course." On what White-Gluz brings to the band: Michael: "With Alissa, we have a singer who's got a phenomenal — there comes that word again — voice, both clean and brutal vocals. She can do both, and when you have that in your tool belt as a band, why not use it? I don't think we'll ever be a band that focuses mainly on clean vocals. I think we'll always have a heavy, extreme edge to the band. The band has always had a lot of melody. Even on the first albums, there's a lot of melodies, but it's primarily coming from the guitars. The way I write, there's a lot of melodic guitar work, and the vocals have been kind of brutal. Now, there's some things changing, so we can have some melody in the vocal, and just change things around a bit." "Will To Power" was released on September 8 via Century Media. Co-produced by Amott and Erlandsson, the disc was mixed and mastered by longtime collaborator and friend Jens Bogren (OPETH, AT THE GATES, DIMMU BORGIR). The album's cover artwork was designed by Alex Reisfar. "Will To Power" marks the second ARCH ENEMY album since the departure of longtime singer Angela Gossow and addition of White-Gluz. It will also be the first ARCH ENEMY disc to feature Loomis, who joined the band in late 2014.

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COREY TAYLOR Says He’s ‘A Little Bit Liberal’ And ‘A Little Bit Conservative’

Lunchbox and Promo Brady of the Tulsa, Oklahoma radio station KMOD recently conducted an interview with SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR front man Corey Taylor for the "DOMKcast" podcast. A few excerpts follow (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): On Taylor's latest book, "America 51: A Probe Into The Realities That Are Hiding Inside 'The Greatest Country In The World'": Corey: "It's me kind of staying right in the middle, telling either side to figure it out. I'm tired of listening to it... it's so stupid. Nobody's listening to each other. Everybody's just screaming at each other. Nobody's making any sense. Nobody knows how to have a conversation anymore. All they want to do is be argumentative, and they're just waiting for their turn to prove you wrong, and that's not how a conversation happens, you know? A conversation comes with a debate, and going back and forth and trying to get each other on the same page. It doesn't mean you have to give up your point, or your position — you're just trying to get people to listen and see reason. Nobody's doing that right now, so it's me basically staying in the middle going, 'You're all screwed, and everybody in the middle, we just need to talk to each other,' because I feel like ninety-eight percent of the country is that — us in the middle. That two percent is out on the fringe — they're getting all the coverage, they're getting all the media and they're the ones screaming the loudest, and we're all kind of stuck in the middle, going, 'Uh...' "I got really tired of not being represented. I have a little bit in the liberal and a little bit in the conservative, and I always have. I feel like everybody's like that. I think if more people admitted that, the stronger that voice would get, and the more we would stand up, and the more we would start talking to each other, and just cutting all that crap out. All they really try to do is wind us up instead of really focusing on the issues that need to be fixed." On SLIPKNOT being mentioned by television personality John Oliver: Corey: "That was weird, man. I loved it. It's little stuff like that that reminds us, 'Oh, people know who we are. This is insane.' It was really cool, man. I loved it." On the inspiration behind the title of STONE SOUR's new album, "Hydrograd": Corey: "I was running through an airport — I wanna say it was in Eastern Europe — and I was trying to find my gate, and the gate info there, they hadn't really updated anything. This was about eight-nine years ago. I'm trucking through, and it was like, those, block LED-like, really rigid, you know, the Timex letters — it was pretty brutal — and I was running and running and running, I'm looking, and your brain is processing everything at, like, a million miles an hour, and I looked up, and I saw the name Hydrograd. I went, 'Oh, that's kind of... [what] the hell is Hydrograd?' I stopped, and I turned around and went back to that gate, [and it] wasn't even close — nothing, it didn't even look like Hydrograd. I think it was Milan, or something. Didn't even start with an H. I was like, 'What the hell is wrong with my brain?' Then I just walked away, and I was like, 'Oh, that's a cool name,' you know — I tucked it away, and the rest is history, really. The time came to make this album, that name came up, I was like, 'Man, it's such a really, it's just a really good name. We should use it.' It just fit." On the inspiration behind the "Hydrograd" song "Whiplash Pants": Corey: "The great thing about that is it's actually extrapolated from the much longer title 'Whiplash From The Pants', which was a name that my son came up with. I told him to go down and clean his room; he comes running back upstairs, and he's all messed up. I was like, 'What the hell's wrong with you?' He goes, 'I was getting changed, just trying to take my clothes off, and I think I just got whiplash from the pants.' I said, 'Well, that's a name — that's going in the books.' Shortened it, and that whole song is honestly about my kids. It's so brutal — it's just basically me telling them to get their collective crap together." On the band's goals for "Hydrograd": Corey: "We've always tried to make sure that we're as diverse and as... I don't know... as different as we can be, while also trying to be us. And I think this album really shows that — this album really shows off the dimensions and the talent and all of the areas that we've always been really, really good at, but maybe we didn't get a chance to do it. And it has a lighter vibe. It's heavy, but it's got a lighter vibe, and I think that some music, rock, is missing that. Everything's so moody... God, lighten up. Let's have a party. VAN HALEN wasn't trying to change shit." On how STONE SOUR's conceptual double album "House Of Gold & Bones" influenced "Hydrograd": Corey: "To me, being able to make ['House of Gold & Bones'] really freed us up to be able to do ['Hydrograd'], because it established the fact that there were no boundaries for us. There were no restrictions. We could put something like 'RU486' up against 'Taciturn', and it all made sense, and it really reestablished this band as one that has no rules. Doing that and then coming into this one, where we really kind of took everything that we did well on the 'House of Gold & Bones' albums, and getting it down and really just distilling it into the pure, like... I don't want to say something stupid like 'rock fury,' but, you know, something, like, [roars] — just that kick-asteroid feeling, you know? The songs felt great; recording it the way we did live in the studio felt great. I challenge anybody to do be able to do that today. That was a good confidence builder for us." On the status of a potential "House of Gold & Bones" movie: Corey: "Man, I've been threatening to do that. I just don't have the time. I would do it all in one movie — put it all together in one — and kind of see what would happen. There are no stable plans to do it right now. If we do, it will be in the future — maybe when interest kind of comes back for it, but we'll see. You never say never. That's the best way to make God laugh out loud." STONE SOUR recently wrapped up an American tour with STEEL PANTHER. The group will perform live at two Knotfest festivals in the coming weeks — in Toluca, Mexico on October 28, and in San Bernardino, California on November 5.

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AVENGED SEVENFOLD Singer is ‘Pretty Excited’ About Deluxe Version Of ‘The Stage’

AVENGED SEVENFOLD singer M. Shadows spoke to Meltdown of the WRIF radio station about the December 15 release of the deluxe version of the band's critically acclaimed album "The Stage" (Capitol). This new edition features seven additional studio songs plus four previously unreleased live tracks recorded during the band's recent shows at The O2 arena in London. Among the seven bonus cuts is the band's stunning cover of the PINK FLOYD classic "Wish You Were Here", which was released last two weeks ago. "We recorded all these songs a year ago, but I've gotta say releasing it right now just seems like a good time when the world kind of needs something like this, with all the terrible things that have been going on," M. Shadows said about tackling the PINK FLOYD track. Regarding AVENGED SEVENFOLD's decision to reissue "The Stage" fourteen months after the album's original release, M. Shadows said: "The record's been out a year. We haven't really been able to tour on it, because we did the METALLICA tour, which was amazing, but we weren't able to really get into the nuts and bolts, some of these deeper cuts, and really explore 'The Stage'. So we felt with all the B-sides we'd recorded and cover songs and live stuff we've done over in Europe, it would be a good time to re-release the record as one huge two-and-a-half-hour sum of music and kind of refresh people on it before we started this [upcoming headlining] tour, kicking off in January. So that's kind of the idea behind it, and we're pretty excited about it, and it came out pretty well." Among the bonus songs that are included on deluxe version of "The Stage" is "one B-side that we didn't finish in time for the record," said M. Shadows. "It wasn't really turning out to be a song that was gonna necessarily make it, but when we were able to finish it up, it came out as a B-side, called 'Dose'." As for the live recordings, the singer said: "We did that European tour [in early 2017] with DISTURBED, and our sound guy passed away in between that tour… kind of freakishly — just out of the blue he found out he had cancer and he was gone within a couple of weeks. And he was with us for years and years, and he was SLIPKNOT's guy and one of those guys that was just a legend. And he recorded all the songs, so we felt, as a tribute to him, we'd throw four live tracks on this deluxe version from his last recordings." M. Shadows said that AVENGED SEVENFOLD's cover choices for "The Stage" deluxe edition are "stuff we all grew up listening to. The covers are anywhere from BEACH BOYS to Del Shannon to Mexican folk songs," he explained. "So we did all sorts of left-field covers. We didn't really have an urge to go and record a bunch of metal songs that were things that were in our genre. So we wanted to kind of do our own thing with some of the classic rock stuff. So it's all over the place." "The Stage" was released at the end of October 2016 with almost no promotion beforehand. The surprise release of the disc, which was announced the night it went on sale, earned the lowest sales of an AVENGED SEVENFOLD album in eleven years. It sold seventy-six copies in its first week, seventy-three of which were physical. AVENGED SEVENFOLD's 2018 North American arena headlining tour will kick off January 12 at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville with special guests BREAKING BENJAMIN and BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE. The trek will be North America's introduction to the electrifying "Stage" spectacle that drew rave reviews in Europe.

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