A 42-year-old Seattle woman spent $7,000 on a romantic trip to Paris – so she could marry herself.

The woman – who legally changed her name to “Beautiful Existence” – held a romantic ceremony under the Eiffel Tower, where she wore a white dress and recited vows she’d written to herself. The bride had someone officiate the ceremony on Skype because she couldn’t find anyone in France willing to do so in person.

She says, ‘It was hugely emotional…Looking at myself on that screen as I Skyped the officiant, saying exactly what I wanted to say to myself was soul-shifting.”

The mother-of-two is now encouraging others to marry themselves too, before they marry someone else. She says it gets rid of the pressure of having to have somebody else in order to be successful. Miss Existence was previously married for ten years, and says during her marriage, friends would say they thought she had lost her spark.

For her first anniversary, the woman says she plans to get a tattoo on her ring finger to celebrate.

(Daily Mail)