The city of Winslow, Arizona, made famous by an Eagles song, is paying tribute to Glenn Frey.

Fans are leaving balloons, flowers and candles on a street corner to celebrate the life of Glenn.

Glenn co-wrote and sang “Take it Easy” in which the line “standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona” brought international attention to the town.

Locals capitalized on the lyrics, with a sign, bronze statue and mural commemorating the song. The city also holds its Standing on the Corner festival each year.

Winslow residents are planned a memorial service on Tuesday night that featured Eagles songs.

The Winslow Chamber of Commerce released this statement:

“The Winslow Chamber of Commerce is deeply saddened by the passing of an American icon, Glen Frey. As the front man for the rock band, The Eagles, Glen gifted the world with decades of songs that featured his singing voice as the lead vocal. The list of songs is long and many will debate about which one is their favorite, but for the majority of us who live in Winslow the choice is an easy one. TAKE IT EASY (written by Glen Frey & his good buddy Jackson Brown) is now and always will be, the pinnacle of a “classic rock” hit song.”