WHITESNAKE frontman David Coverdale spoke to The Outhouse about his hilarious Twitter feed which sees him primarily sharing memes that poke fun at relationships between men and women and play on our everyday contemporary concerns.

“One of the things, I think, that’s helped me get through [the pandemic] is the amount of humor that comes through my e-mail or my text box,” the singer said (hear audio below). “I have maybe 20 friends [who send me stuff]… I don’t post political stuff. I’m very politically involved, but it’s so unsavory and divisive right now, it’s not welcome on my web site.

“Were you following me when I was doing those acoustic things in the mornings? My wife would be, ‘I’m trying to sleep here.’ I’m singing quieter and quieter.

“I wrote a song called ‘Coronavirus Blues’, which my wife was in the kitchen making dinner. And it started this series, ‘The Songs From The Dining Room Table’. And it just helped people get through the fucking day — difficult days, dark days.”

WHITESNAKE has just released “The Blues Album”, the third and final release in the band’s “Red, White And Blues” trilogy, a series of compilations organized by musical themes that began last year with “Love Songs” (red) and “The Rock Album” (white).

The new compilation delivers a potent mix of hits and deep tracks that originally appeared between 1984 and 2011 on six WHITESNAKE studio albums and Coverdale‘s solo album, “Into The Light”.

“The Blues Album” showcases two of the band’s biggest songs: “Slow An’ Easy”, a Top 20 Mainstream Rock hit in 1984 from WHITESNAKE‘s double-platinum album “Slide It In”, and a brand new guitar-based remix of the smash hit “Give Me All Your Love” from the band’s 1987 self-titled album, which was certified multi multi platinum. Other choice tracks from WHITESNAKE are also featured: “Looking For Love” and “Crying In The Rain” and “Steal Your Heart Away”, which is available now.

“Restless Heart” (1997), “Good to Be Bad” (2008) and “Forevermore” (2011) are all represented on “The Blues Album” by multiple tracks (“Too Many Tears”, “A Fool In Love” and “Steal Your Heart Away”). The collection also includes “If You Want Me”, a studio recording released in 2006 as a bonus track on the live album “Live… In The Shadows Of The Blues”. Coverdale also taps his 2000 solo album, “Into The Light”, for “River Song”.