Tuttle Creek Lake levels are right where they need to be for this time of year.

Tuttle Creek Operations Project Manager Brian McNulty says the rain during this season has led to some rising in levels. Initially the lake rose about three feet, then more later on in the season.

      Brian McNulty 1

When the winter months start coming, potential snow could have an impact on levels. McNulty says they try to draw the lake back down to normal levels for the winter, according to what they are told at the state level.

      Brian McNulty 2

McNulty says right now, the area is in a normal precipitation zone, but above average temperature for the next 30 days. He says this is good news for drawing the lake down.

With that winter weather coming soon, boat safety and water safety are a high priority.

McNulty says all of the boat ramps are currently available. When going out a boat, it is imperative to wear a life jacket.

      Brian McNulty 5

McNulty says it is best to put on the life jacket before getting in the boat or in the water. The first thing that happens when falling in the water is losing your grip, making it harder to zip up the jacket.

Phase One of the Tuttle Creek Dam riprap repairs has also been completed.

McNulty says both parking lots at each end of the dam are still closed. They expect the parking lots to be open first week of December when the contractors finish cleaning up debris.

      Brian McNulty 3

The next phase will focus on the majority of the remainder of the upstream portion of the dam. They will also include some additional rock work in outlet channel.

McNulty says they have also submitted project proposals for the president’s new infrastructure plan.

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