Fan-filmed video footage of MORBID ANGEL‘s entire May 29 concert at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City can be seen below.

The band’s setlist was as follows:

01. Summoning Redemption
02. Bil Ur-Sag
03. I
04. Warped
05. Nothing Is Not
06. To The Victor The Spoils
07. Curse The Flesh
08. Prayer Of Hatred
09. Covenant Of Death
10. Praise The Strength
11. Beneath The Hollow
12. Ageless, Still I Am


13. He Who Sleeps
14. Umulamahri

MORBID ANGEL played a brand new song, “Warped”, live for the first time on May 23 at the opening show of the band’s North American tour at The Beacham in Orlando, Florida.

In a recent interview with Orlando Weekly, MORBID ANGEL‘s current frontman, Steve Tucker, who is back for his third spell with the group, was asked if the band’s current trek — which ends on June 27 in New Orleans — will see the band performing any songs from its recently completed new studio album. “Probably one or two new songs; the album’s almost done, but we don’t want to put out too much with YouTube putting it up the next day,” Tucker explained. “The setlist will be different, too — in the past, we’ve covered all of MORBID ANGEL‘s discography, but this time we went with the discography between Trey [Azagthoth, guitar] and I. I’m really excited about the fact that every song we play is a song I was a part of. There are some MORBID ANGEL classics that aren’t there, but we made our own classics.”

MORBID ANGEL‘s new disc was recorded at Mana Recording in St. Petersburg, Florida with producer — and former MORBID ANGEL guitarist — Erik Rutan. Tentatively due in the fall via UDR Music, the LP will mark the band’s first release with drummer Scott Fuller (ANNIHILATED, ex-ABYSMAL DAWN) who joined MORBID ANGEL last year following the departure of Tim Yeung. It will also be MORBID ANGEL‘s first album to feature Tucker since 2003’s “Heretic”.

Tucker told “The Metal Magdalene With Jet” show about MORBID ANGEL‘s approach on the upcoming album: “It was really just about writing music — it was just about writing a MORBID ANGEL album. Nobody said, ‘Hey, we wanna go in this direction,’ nobody said anything. I mean, there’s obvious things there. I’ve said it before — I’m a death metal guy, so, for me, it’s gonna be a death metal album; if I’m on it, it’s death metal. So it was just about making a MORBID ANGEL album. It was really about coming in with something new, something fresh, but yet it still being MORBID ANGEL. Really, honestly, we didn’t approach this any differently than any of the other albums I was involved in except for maybe [1998’s] ‘Formulas Fatal To The Flesh’, which ‘Formulas’, Trey wrote all the music, all the lyrics and things like that. But this was done more similar to maybe [2000’s] ‘Gateways To Annihilation’, where everybody had their contribution. Trey wrote a bunch of songs, I wrote songs, Scotty contributed some ideas. There was a lot of back-and-forth. In the end, it has to become a MORBID ANGEL song. And at this point, I feel that it’s very much a MORBID ANGEL album.”

MORBID ANGEL in January announced the addition of Dan Vadim Von (guitarist/frontman of the American death metal band VADIMVON) to the band’s lineup on second guitar. He joined the group as the replacement for Norwegian guitarist Destructhor (a.k.a. Thor Anders Myhren), who left the band a year and a half ago.

MORBID ANGEL‘s first U.S. tour of 2017 features support from SUFFOCATION, REVOCATION and WITHERED.

Former MORBID ANGEL frontman David Vincent recently joined forces with several other musicians — including Yeung (drums) — to perform classic MORBID ANGEL songs under the I AM MORBID banner.

MORBID ANGEL‘s controversial 2011 album, “Illud Divinum Insanus”, marked the group’s first CD to feature Vincent since “Domination”.