Image by Corey Reeves

Days after 9/11, America responded with a daring insertion of a Green Beret team into Afghanistan. They spearheaded unconventional warfare operations while mounted on horseback, fighting alongside their Afghan allies. Kansas native and former Special Forces Major Mark Nutsch commanded the team that became known as the “Horse Soldiers”. Their exploits are portrayed in books and in the Hollywood blockbuster “12 Strong” and are honored by the “America’s Response Monument” at Ground Zero in New York City.


Mark and his retired team mates joined up again as entrepreneurs to form American Freedom Distillery to produce a premium line of craft bourbons. Their award-winning spirits, known under the label “Horse Soldier Bourbon” are bottled in custom glass forged by steel recovered from the World Trade Center to commemorate those lives lost and never forgotten.

Image: Corey Reeves

The bourbons are now in wide release and to welcome this unique blend to Kansas, The Wamego Whiskey Syndicate is holding an exclusive tasting at the Columbian Theatre in Wamego.  Dubbed “Whiskey and War Stories, the event features Mark hosting a behind the scenes multimedia presentation that shares insight on America’s 9/11 response and the establishment of American Freedom Distillery. During the event you’ll experience a tasting from the full line of multiple award-winning Horse Soldier Bourbons, including their Double Gold award winning Commander’s Select. The ticket price also includes appetizers before and after the tasting, a commemorative Horse Solder whiskey glass, a cocktail or straight pour at an after party, and a bottle of Horse Solider Premium Straight Bourbon will be reserved for you prior to the event at Spirits of 76 in Wamego.


You can listen to Mark talk about the event and his experiences as a Green Beret with Dave G on The K-ROCK Morning Show here.

Tickets are $115 and are on sale now at
Doors open at 6:30p
Whiskey and War Stories with Mark Nutsch at 7:00p
After Party 8:15p