On Thursday, April 20, legendary U.S. heavy/doom metal band PENTAGRAM played the first of its previously announced four U.S. shows without frontman and founding member Bobby Liebling in Baltimore, Maryland. All lead vocals at the gig were handled by PENTAGRAM‘s guitar player Victor Griffin.

Fan-filmed video footage of the concert can be seen below (courtesy of Rock N Roll Experience). A review of the show is available at this location.

Griffin, bassist Greg Turley and drummer Pete Campbell last week released a statement in which they blamed Liebling‘s absence from the gigs on “circumstances that are beyond anyone’s control, that are a direct result of Bobby Liebling‘s personal actions.”

Liebling was the focus of “Last Days Here”, the critically acclaimed 2011 documentary that detailed his lifelong struggle with drug addiction and followed him as he revived PENTAGRAM in his 50s while emerging from his parents’ basement to start afresh with a wife less than half his age and their newborn son.

In a 2010 interview with The Obelisk, Liebling claimed that he “made millions, tens of millions of dollars, sometimes in cash, five-figure millions at a time, but it was all running cocaine for the Median cartel during the Escobar years. And I blew it all, every dime of it on my own personal whoring, car-buying, house-buying for my friends, buying Ferraris and chinchilla coats and diamond rings for broads and flaunting it. I was 25 years old and we were running across from Bogotá and back in a Cessna every week and splitting $20 million cash three ways. [Laughs] And I shot it all up. I’m not proud of it at all…”