Grindcore/hardcore punk veterans VENOMOUS CONCEPT — featuring members of BRUTAL TRUTH and NAPALM DEATH — have completed work on their fifth album at Headline Music Studios in Cambridge, U.K. with producer Simon Efemey. The follow-up to 2020’s “Politics Versus The Erection” is tentatively due later this year via Season Of Mist.

Earlier today, VENOMOUS CONCEPT bassist Shane Embury took to his Instagram to write: “Finally finished the next VENOMOUS CONCEPT album with Simon Efemey at #headlinemusicstudios – I am seriously over the moon with what we all achieved ! Team work as Simon says is always the way !

“The goal was to make an album that was not just another VC album but a venture into other areas of punk and hard rock – letting all of our lifetimes musical collective flow to make it the best we could !

“Lyrically deep within these times – we have all had life issues – that is life – the hero’s journey.

“Songs at points have an amazing melody both sad sounding and uplifting to reflect the true emotions – catchy …

“I don’t know what anyone will think but come what may we made the album we wanted to make … that’s all that really matters.

“Not sure why I had to write this but felt I needed too !”

Starting out in 2004, VENOMOUS CONCEPT was conceived as something like a grind punk supergroup — if that term can even be applied to a bunch of people with clear counterculture preferences. The name was chosen to pay homage to the legendary POISON IDEA.

At the core of VENOMOUS CONCEPT, you will find BRUTAL TRUTH vocalist Kevin Sharp and Shane Embury, the iconic bass player of NAPALM DEATH. The two musicians had bonded over beer and pizza as well as their mutual love of punk heroes such as BLACK FLAG, SYSTEMATIC DEATH, GBH, SIEGE, and, of course, POISON IDEA.

The duo soon set about plotting its own assault on the style. Armed with bucketloads of coffee, the pair roped in Danny Herrera of NAPALM DEATH on drums, as well as MELVINS guitarist Buzz Osborne. A record deal was signed with Mike Patton and VENOMOUS CONCEPT‘s first album, “Retroactive Abortion” (2004) was followed by a split-CD with Japanese grind band 324 (2006) and another in 2008 with BLÖOD DÜSTER.

Buzz Osborne eventually went on a hiatus, but he never really left and there is always a chance for his return — schedules permitting. Shane switched to guitar when longtime friend Dan Lilker (BRUTAL TRUTH, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, ex-ANTHRAX) joined on bass. Next, VENOMOUS CONCEPT brought in John Cooke of CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR on second guitar for touring. Sophomore full-length “Poisoned Apple” hit the stores in 2008.

A quiet spell followed, but the band returned fully charged and ready for attack with their third record “Kick Me Silly – VC III” in 2016, which saw VENOMOUS CONCEPT continue in their trademark grindcore punk style. Following a European tour with BRUJERIA in 2019 and several festivals shows, the musicians headed back into the studio to write and record their fourth album, the aforementioned “Politics Versus The Erection”.


Kevin Sharp – Vocals
Shane Embury – Bass
John Cooke – Guitar
Danny Herrera – Drums