On October 30, BMG will release URIAH HEEP‘s “Fifty Years In Rock”.

British hard rock legends URIAH HEEP are one of the “big four” rock bands, along with LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH, and certainly one of the most intriguing bands both musically and lyrically, to emerge from heavy rock.

This extensive and ambitious super deluxe box set celebrates URIAH HEEP‘s remarkable career and was created with the full collaboration of URIAH HEEP themselves and curated by founding members Mick Box, Ken Hensley, Paul Newton and Lee Kerslake.

The beautifully presented box set contains 23 CD albums, including four CDs compiled by the original members. This set also includes “The Magician’s Birthday” LP, remastered by renowned engineer Andy Pearce of Lou Reed and BLACK SABBATH fame, with reimagined artwork by Roger Dean, two art cards and a 64-page book featuring rarities from the band’s personal archives.

“This 50th-anniversary box set fills me with immense pride and takes me on a musical journey I could never have imagined,” exclaims Mick Box. “We are still on that magical adventure, but reaching our 50-year anniversary is something to be proud of and an amazing achievement. It has been a roller-coaster ride that as we stand today has no ending, so we proudly celebrate our 50th anniversary with this stunning box set that BMG have worked so hard to put together, while remembering all of the wonderful musicians including those that are in rock ‘n’ roll heaven, that have been a part of this fantastic milestone. ‘Appy days!”

Adds Hensley: “Sitting here, just a few days from my 75th birthday, it’s easy for me to flash back 50 years to when me, Mick, David, Gary and Lee really knew we were on to something big and amazing. What makes it even easier is the incredible boxed set that BMG has put together to celebrate this massive milestone. The box is a perfect tribute to a band that achieved what so few have done, to Mickie and the boys who keep the legend rolling and of course, to all of you who made it possible. My sincere and humble thanks to all concerned.”

Evoking an era when prog, hard rock and heavy metal co-existed in an era of glorious, boundary-breaking music, the box set traces the evolution of URIAH HEEP from inexperienced studio musicians with everything to prove to bona fide limo inhabiting rock stars.

After selling over 40 million albums worldwide, over the years URIAH HEEP has influenced many different metal bands around the globe, among the most popular being DIO. Bands including A-HA, KING DIAMOND, KROKUS, DEMONS & WIZARDS, FIFTH ANGEL and Axel Rudi Pell have all cited URIAH HEEP as a band of personal influence, while W.A.S.P., TESLA and BLACKMORE’S NIGHT have all covered the band’s songs.

URIAH HEEP continue to tour until this day, with Box, while Hensley tours extensively as a successful solo artist.

This ultimate collection of URIAH HEEP albums, released between 1970 and 2019, exists for a reason. This is not the first time that the work of the mighty Londoners has been brought together, of course, but never has the band’s entire career, covering every album, been collected together and presented in this truly celebratory box set.

Contents in full:

* 25 CD albums and four CDs compiled by the original members
* Each of the following have curated a disc of their favorite URIAH HEEP choices
Ken Hensley‘s Choices: 14 tracks
Lee Kerslake‘s Choices: 14 tracks
Mick Box‘s Choices: 15 tracks
Paul Newton‘s Choices: 14 tracks
* “The Magician’s Birthday” LP featuring reimagined artwork by Roger Dean
* 78-page book featuring rarities from the band’s personal archives
* Includes new notation by the original members and fully updated band member timeline.
* 2 x Roger Dean art cards including original and reimagined artwork for “The Magician’s Birthday” and “Demons And Wizards”
* Includes every studio album and “Live ’73”