British rock sensation DON BROCO has released “Pretty”, which is hands-down one of the most disturbing and darkly funny videos you’ll see this year. The clip can best be described as “Face/Off” meets the wedding scene in “The Graduate” (or imagine “Wedding Crashers” as a horror movie).

“The guys in DON BROCO are a handsome bunch and we all thought it’d be hilarious if they ripped their faces off,” says “Pretty” director Benjamin Roberds of Dominar Films. “It was the first idea I came to and quickly wrote it off as too over the top but kept coming back to it until I finally sent it over to them. I think the guys went through the same struggle because we went through a few other concepts before coming full circle back to this idea. I guess it was an insane idea that was just too tempting to not take all the way.”

“When we read the treatment, we were in absolute stitches,” says lead vocalist Rob Damiani. “The concept was just so mental we had to do it. Ironically, the lyrics for ‘Pretty’ are darker than the actual video. It’s about reaching the point of inebriation where it doesn’t matter that the person you’re physically attracted to is a despicable human being. You’re still going to try and go home with them.”

Laughs Damiani: “I think the most disgusting part of the day was when the make-up department mixed up a load of the leftover lunch to create a batch of fake vomit. Unfortunately, they only made so much, so the guy who pukes in the video had to keep spitting it out then putting it back in his mouth until they got the right take. It was gross.”

The band teased the video by telling fans that bassist Tom Doyle (a.k.a. the first victim in “Pretty”) was getting married, going so far as to create a wedding invite that would enable fans to see a livestream of “the ceremony,” which turned out to be the “Pretty” video.

“We’re currently touring the States and recently played Vegas, so we thought it would be fun to throw Tom a fake bachelor party,” says Damiani. “We got a little bit carried away and things kind of took off from there! Everyone’s been really nice and happy for Tom. We feel a little bad now for all who were tuning in for the ‘live wedding stream,’ so please forgive us!”

Since 2015’s Top 10 U.K. release “Automatic” propelled the band to mainstream consciousness, DON BROCO (rounded out by guitarist Simon Delaney and drummer Matt Donnelly) has forged a unique path. Having headlined Brixton Academy and played arenas throughout Europe with both BRING ME THE HORIZON and 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER, they signed a brand new, worldwide deal with U.S. indie label SharpTone Records. This led to the release of the 2016 single “Everybody” and a sold-out headline tour of the U.K. where they played consecutive nights in ten cities, performing both “Automatic” and their debut album, “Priorities”, in full.

In February of this year, they headed over to Osaka for two arena shows with Japanese superstars ONE OK ROCK, and are currently touring the United States for the first time with pop-punk band STATE CHAMPS.

Their international profile is building across Europe too with a number of festival appearances announced, including Main Square and Lollapalooza Paris in France, the Netherlands’ Pinkpop and Slam Dunk in the UK.