Turns out Shawn’s irrational fear of pool pumps isn’t so irrational.

Three children were shocked by an improperly wired swimming pool pump in Hialeah, Florida.

Video showing footage shows one little girl make her way over the metal hand rail and when she touches it, her head goes back and she freezes. Her muscles were paralyzed by electricity and she was unable to let go.

Fortunately there was a man on the steps just a few feet away. He realized something was wrong and tried to grab the child and was briefly shocked too, but was eventually able to yank the girl out of the water.

Inspectors say a total of three children were shocked when the pool pump, which wasn’t properly grounded, malfunctioned and electrified the water.

The children were lucky to survive their shocking. So far, city records show no official code violations or fines have been issued to the property owners.