A 26-year-old YouTuber named Sam Pepper has a new video where he pranks his friend by pretending to KIDNAP him.  And pretty much everyone thinks he went too far with it, because he essentially DID kidnap him.

First a guy sneaks up behind him in an alley . . . puts a bag over his head . . . and wrestles him to the ground while someone else duct tapes his arms and legs together.

Then they throw him in the trunk of a car . . . take him to the roof of a random building in L.A. . . . and pretend to shoot his best friend in the HEAD while he watches.  And it doesn’t seem like he was in on it at all . . . he’s terrified.

Then once he thinks his friend is dead, they let him sit there for almost a minute before they tell him it’s a prank, just so they can film his reaction.   They had him talk on camera a few days later, and he acted like he was okay with it.

But right after the prank he was pretty upset.