THE PRETTY RECKLESS singer Taylor Momsen was recently interviewed by the Albany, New York radio station Q103. You can now listen to the chat below.

Asked if she thinks it is time for another rock revival, Taylor said: “I do, and I think that it’s coming. I think that it’s starting and it’s on its way there. I always say that music is kind of cyclical. I think right now we’re kind of living in the ’50s where it’s very single-orientated. And then the ’60s came in, the ’60 and ’70s, it was a renaissance of music, and in the ’80s, it kind of went back to the pop-single genre where rock bands were bending towards the pop vein. And then the ’90s came in with a giant ‘F You’, and that was kind of the last — in my opinion — the last big resurgence of rock and roll. So I think it’s time. And hopefully we can be a part of that.”

When pressed about which bands she thinks will also be part of this new rock revival, Taylor said: “SOUNDGARDEN. [They’re not new], but they are making new music. Their last record, ‘King Animal’, was fantastic, and I hear that they’ve been back in the studio working on a new record. So I’m looking forward to hearing that. As far as new music, I kind of tend to listen to stranger things. Like there’s a band called DIE ANTWOORD that I really love. They’re more of a rap thing. But that’s the cool thing about rock and roll — there’s no limitations to it. It’s the ultimate freedom. It includes rap, it includes the blues, obviously, jazz, country, hip-hop… all genres. That’s why I love rock and roll so much — it’s the ultimate freedom. And as a writer and as an artist, you have no limitations, and that’s an amazing feeling to have — to know that you can go in so many places and not be limited.”

THE PRETTY RECKLESS‘s third album, “Who You Selling For”, came out last October. The disc was produced by the band’s longtime collaborator Kato Khandwala.

THE PRETTY RECKLESS will continue to tour throughout the year in support of the album, hitting major markets and festival shows, including Rock On The Range, Carolina Rebellion and Rocklahoma in the U.S. as well as playing European and South American dates.