TESTAMENT‘s Alex Skolnick will perform with the CODE RED QUINTET on Friday, November 5 at 9:30 p.m. at Chelsea Table + Stage, Hilton Fashion District Hotel (152 W 26th St.) in New York City.

In a one-night-only performance, Skolnick — the lead guitarist from one of the most important thrash metal bands on the planet, TESTAMENT, and equally acclaimed for his work in jazz, world music and progressive rock — has assembled a bunch of superstar musicians, who together equal the CODE RED QUINTET. They will be featuring electronic jazz/funk improv and adding some fresh originals. The quintet will also be showcasing 1970s jazz and rock from greats, including Tony Williams, Jeff Beck as well as modern takes on standards and more.

Aside from Skolnick, who is considered to among the world’s most respected guitarists in multiple genres, CODE RED QUINTET also includes Nathan Peck, who plays bass with the ALEX SKOLNICK TRIO, GIDEON KING & CITY BLOG and NATHAN PECK & THE FUNKY ELECTRONIC UNIT. Brian Reeder, who will be playing the keyboard, is a pianist and composer working in jazz and classical music. Steve Kortyka on tenor sax, is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, composer, and full-time performer. Lastly, Erik Kalb on drums is a devotee of all R&B and soul who enjoys playing improvisational aesthetics.


Alex Skolnick (TESTAMENT) – Guitar
Nathan Peck – Electric Bass
Brian Reeder – Keyboards
Steve Kortyka (Lady Gaga) – Tenor Sax
Erik Kalb (John Scofield, Sharon Jones) – Drums