Osiris Media has released its latest episode of the multidimensional, multimedia podcast series “Past, Present, Future, Live!” featuring TESTAMENT guitarist Alex Skolnick. Host RJ Bree talks with Skolnick, who at age 16 joined the San Francisco Bay Area act, which would become one of the bands that defined the thrash metal scene of the late 1980s.

Skolnick discusses studying with Joe Satriani, touring the world with some of the leading metal bands, and changing his life completely by moving to New York, studying jazz, and forming the ALEX SKOLNICK TRIO, which is still playing jazz today. He also discusses his new podcast, “Moods & Modes”, which is now part of the Osiris family.

After the interview, Skolnick performs “Unbound”, “Gymnopedie” and “Beth” by KISS. These videos and all other “Past, Present, Future, Live!” performances can be found on the Osiris Media YouTube channel. Music from all the artists mentioned in this interview can be streamed on the “Past, Present, Future, Live!” Spotify playlist.

A televised performance of the MILES DAVIS ELECTRIC BAND in the late ’90s led Skolnick to New York City, where he immersed himself in the jazz world. For the past decade and a half, Skolnick has led a double life as a member of TESTAMENT.

Two years ago, the ALEX SKOLNICK TRIO — comprised of Skolnick, bassist Nathan Peck and drummer Matt Zebroski — released “Conundrum”, its first album since 2011.

On returning to jazz with his trio for the first time in a number of years, the TESTAMENT guitarist noted: “These days I still love playing screaming, loud guitar and heavy metal, though I don’t think I’m going to be one of these guys who’s past social-security age and in a rock band and touring. But I can see myself doing these songs with the trio for many years to come.”