Sunset Zoo is celebrating the 69th Birthday of the oldest chimpanzee in human care.

Susie is celebrating her 69th birthday on Monday, June 12th. Susie is the oldest living chimpanzee in human care on the planet. Susie came to Sunset Zoo in 1974. Most chimpanzees live to an average of 40 years old, making Susie even more unique.

The chimpanzee troop at Sunset Zoo are between 10 and 44 years old, and all view Susie as the Matriarch. Scott Shoemaker, the Sunset Zoo Director, says that Susie is the perfect caretaker for the troop, and is viewed as a grandmother by the rest of the chimpanzees.

As the oldest chimpanzee in human care, Susie does require an additional amount of caretaking, including monitoring by the K-State Veterninary Staff and nutritional supplements.

The Sunset Zoo staff celebrated Susie’s birthday through the weekend, with a card shower in the gift shop that guests can sign as well as a party on the morning on the 12th of June.

The Sunset Zoo is open 360 days a year and is located at 2333 Oak Street in Manhattan.