Sunset Zoo is celebrating the recent births of a white-handed gibbon and a Caribbean flamingo.

The zoo announced the births in a release Thursday. The gibbon, named Neta, was born at the end of April and is doing well. The sex of baby Neta won’t be determined until a full physical occurs, which typically happens at the end of the first year of life. The baby was named by the primate zookeeper team, to honor a 2019-2020 intern with the same name. Neta also means potted plant in Hebrew.

This family of gibbons was recommended to breed by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums as part of a Species Survival Plan. White-handed gibbons are critically endangered due to habitat loss, illegal logging, and hunting for the illegal pet trade.

A Caribbean flamingo named Ringo was also born July 6, named by the zoo’s South American keeper Trevor Smith. It is not currently listed as an endangered species. They are commonly found on the north coast of South America, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and on several Caribbean islands.

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