STITCHED UP HEART singer Alecia "Mixi" Demner says that she will use the coronavirus downtime to work on the band's next album. A number of artists have seen their concert dates drop off as they're either canceled or postponed in the wake of the global spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. Demner, whose band's tour with Sebastian Bach was pushed back to the fall, told Live Metal that STITCHED UP HEART is taking a major hit as a result of the pandemic. "This whole thing is insane," she said. "Obviously, there's a lot of planning and stuff that goes into a tour. We've been preparing, whether it be gear, whether it be flying people places to make sure our crew is ready. The crew has to make sure that they're available during that time with whatever their side jobs are. So everything — RV rental, merchandise — everything gets pushed and put on hold for this. So a lot of people are really disappointed "I'm trying to look at the positive of it, and I actually already have set up a ton of writing sessions during this time, and I'm gonna try to pump out another album during this time," she continued. "I'm just trying to stay productive, and since there's a bunch of people that are usually on tour that we would typically get together with or we're usually trying to find time that's available to everyone. Now this time just freed up, and I'm basically trying to fill it." Demner reiterated that she is simply trying to make something good out of an unfortunate situation. "This whole pausing the music industry thing — I was just thinking about it on my way back home —I s going to actually probably affect the music industry afterwards in such a positive way, because you're taking it all away from everyone," she said. "Nobody can go to shows. They're stopping people from being able to go out and do something. So once people are allowed back out again to go to shows and be at places that allow more than 100, 250 people a venue, they're probably gonna be really, really excited about it." STITCHED UP HEART's latest album, "Darkness", was released on March 13 via Another Century. The LP was produced by FROM FIRST TO LAST singer/guitarist Matt Good (producer of ASKING ALEXANDRIA and HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD).