The new lineup of German thrash metal veterans SODOM gave its first interview to Germany’s Rock Hard magazine. The article is included in issue 372 of the publication, which comes with an “Agent Orange” poster and a CD containing a SODOM‘s exclusive cover version of the SACRILEGE song “Lifeline”.

Commented SODOM bassist/vocalist Thomas “Angelripper” Such: “SACRILEGE are a crust punk band that was overlooked back in the day. They present a style which is a combination of punk and thrash elements. They had a great singer with Tam [Lynda ‘Tam’ Simpson]. ‘Lifeline’represents exactly what we all love: just simple, brutal guitars without uptight arrangements. ‘Lifeline’ consists of three or four parts, which are linked up. Nevertheless, the song sounds monolithic. I said to the other members that our journey with SODOM has to go in a similar direction.”

A snippet of SODOM‘s cover of “Lifeline” can be heard in the YouTube clip below.

The magazine with the CD can be ordered here.

Such is joined in SODOM‘s current lineup by guitarist Frank “Blackfire” Gosdzik (also formerly of KREATOR, ASSASSIN), drummer Stefan “Husky” Hüskens (ASPHYX, DESASTER) and second guitarist Yorck Segatz (BEYONDITION). Blackfire previously played with SODOM on the seminal albums “Persecution Mania”, “Mortal Way Of Live” and “Agent Orange”.

As he had hinted at the beginning of the year, Tom has opted for a lineup featuring two guitarists, an absolute novelty for SODOM. “Two guitarists allow us much more possibilities live, so we will be able to play tracks in future that we weren’t able to perform as a trio,” Tom said.

In Frank Blackfire, Yorck Segatz and Husky, Tom has consciously gone for musicians from his own background. “It’s common knowledge that all three are exceptional instrumentalists and that heavy metal is their life,” Tom explained. “But SODOM is also about getting on a personal level. The new band members are all dyed-in-the-wool SODOM fans and all live in Essen. Need I say more?”

A new SODOM single is expected to arrive this summer, with a full-length album to follow in the spring of 2019.

Former SODOM guitarist Bernd “Bernemann” Kost and drummer Markus “Makka” Freiwald released a joint statement in January claiming that they were fired from the band by Tom via messaging platform WhatsApp even before Tom had a chance to hear any of the material the duo had been working on for the group’s next album.