SLAUGHTER frontman Mark Slaughter will release his new solo album, “Halfway There”, in Japan via Universal Music on May 10 and in Europe and the USA via EMP Label Group on May 26. The cover artwork was created by Sam Shearon and can be seen below.

Says Slaughter: “I’m so proud of this record, and can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”

If you pre-order “Halfway There” on CD or limited-edition vinyl LP, you will get a free immediate download of “Hey You”. Also, the first 200 pre-orders will come signed.

Mark Slaughter‘s debut solo album, “Reflections In A Rear View Mirror”, came out in May 2015.

Asked by Shut Up & Rock On if he made “Reflections In A Rear View Mirror” because he couldn’t release any new material with SLAUGHTER, Mark said: “No, it’s just that I think I was creating music and I wasn’t, like, ‘Oh! I’m gonna do a record.’ I was writing and I was doing stuff at my place and I just decided I was gonna put out some new music because the people I played the stuff for thought it was great and that I should put it out. So I ended up having [producer] Michael Wagener, a friend of mine, mix it, and he loved the music and he got it; he comes from that era. It was great and it was a great experience.”

Regarding whether SLAUGHTER still makes new music, Mark said: “We wrote some songs a couple years ago, and you know, it was great stuff, but it’s really just getting everyone together in the same room and doing that. I think that Dana [Strum, SLAUGHTER bassist], and I understand his point of view, thinks that people want to hear the hits and the nostalgic side of things and not us trying to force feed new music to the consumers. So, that being said, I ended up doing a solo record, and that was kinda the principle of it. It’s not that I’m trying to go away from the band at all, but I’m an artist and I create art, so that’s where that’s all from.”