Original AC/DC singer Dave Evans says that the band needs to make a new studio album to make its current lineup “legitimate.”

In March 2016, AC/DC‘s singer of 35 years, Brian Johnson, had to leave the band’s North American tour after doctors told him he might lose his hearing, while 40-year bassist Cliff Williams announced his retirement at the rescheduled trek’s conclusion.

The lineup that completed the tour consisted of Williams, guitarist Angus Young, Axl Rose (GUNS N’ ROSES) on vocals, Chris Slade on drums and Angus‘s nephew Stevie Young on guitar. Angus has not yet indicated whether he will continue with the latter three players, rebuild the group or call it a day.

During an appearance on “The Australian Rock Show” podcast, Evans was asked for his opinion on where Angus should take AC/DC next. The singer responded (hear audio below): “Well, I like the fact that the brand is still out there, ’cause that’s all it is these days — it’s just a brand. Angus is the only original member left, and a lot of the others are all gone too.

“If he wants to keep the AC/DC brand going, which he can do, ’cause he’s still in the band, they need to settle on a new singer, whether it’s gonna be Axl or not, and they need to record a new album, to make it legitimate,” he continued. “That way, AC/DC as a brand, and Angus, will have a new record out.

“They’ve had many lineups along the way, AC/DC. They [were on] their third bass player and third drummer by the time I left the band. There’s been a lot of lineups. There’s been four singers now, including Axl. So it’s been an revolving situation since the very original first lineup with myself and the other boys.”

Evans added: “If they wanna keep the brand going again with a new lineup, with Angus, they need to record a new album and see how the fans take that.”

Williams played his last show with AC/DC last September in Philadelphia, during the final gig of the band’s North American tour.

The bassist’s decision followed a string of personnel changes for the group that started with co-founding guitarist Malcolm Young‘s departure in 2014 after he was diagnosed with dementia. In 2015, drummer Phil Rudd was sentenced to house arrest after he was found guilty on a drug charge.

The 67-year-old Williams was the longest-serving member of the group after Angus. He joined the band in mid-1977 and made his debut on its fifth album, 1978’s “Powerage”, appearing on every record and tour since. Only Angus now remains from the lineups that made albums like 1979’s “Highway To Hell”, 1980’s “Back In Black” and even 2008’s “Black Ice”.

Evans recorded AC/DC‘s first two singles, “Can I Sit Next To You Girl” and “Baby Please Don’t Go”, before leaving to join Newcastle glam rockers RABBIT.

Evans was replaced later in 1974 by Bon Scott, who sang on AC/DC‘s first six studio albums and became a legend himself after his death in 1980.

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