Sebastian Bach got into a Twitter war with ‘Star Trek’ legend William Shatner– and at one point he threatened to visit William Shatner at his home.

The exchange started after Shatner sent Bach an emoji of a purple devil face in response to a tweet that Bach liked that Shatner took offense to.

From there, things quickly went downhill, with Bach calling Shatner a “dickhead” and reportedly posting Shatner’s Studio City address.

Bach tweeted, “I will see you at your home. I will run past your fucking house every day until the day I die. Deal with me with your phaser cell phone bullshit.” Bach has since deleted some of his tweets.

He also referred to Shatner as “emoji man” and added, “maybe better for you to stick behind your computer screen.”

Shatner seemed confused by Bach’s reaction and eventually stopped responding directly to Sebastian’s tweets. Shatner said, “I don’t know what to think of it but hopefully he’s just having a bad day and tomorrow he’ll be fine.”