Rock Creek Public Schools had an encouraging Count Day this year.

Rock Creek superintendent, Kevin Logan, tells KMAN the district was excited to receive their final count day numbers and to see that their numbers went up by 22 students. Logan says this puts them near 1200 students total for Pre-K through 12.

“We actually anticipated being somewhat flat this year. We knew that we had lost about 20 students to either remote or a virtual learning environment. And to be up 22 was really a surprise because that put us back up to our average of the last five years or about 40 students a year growth,” says Logan.

Logan says these numbers were encouraging to see especially amid the pandemic, but with more students means more precautions. He mentions that they continue to do what the experts say to do and says they have been fortunate so far.

“The thing that I always have to have a little caveat about is that can change at the drop of a dime. You know, you never know day in and day out where you’re going to be,” he says.

Logan adds that the students have done a great job so far with mask-wearing at school and during events.

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