Riley County Commissioners approved a proposal Monday to construct new turn lanes on Marlatt Avenue to help detour traffic when the Kansas Department of Transportation begins construction on two new roundabouts in 2025.
Those projects will be constructed where Tuttle Creek Blvd. intersects Seth Child and Hwy 13. Riley County Public Works Director John Ellerman spoke to commissioners about the proposal at Monday’s meeting.
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The design firm estimates reconstruction plans would cost $658,000, which includes fees for the company’s work.

Ellerman says the turn lanes installed could be temporary or permanent, the latter of which would be designed to fit with a future reconstruction project of Marlatt Ave.
Commission Chair Kathryn Focke and Commissioner John Ford both favored the permanent project.
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Commissioners approved the proposal 2-0 to hire Alfred Benesch and Company to design the Browning and College intersections as well as 50% of the future Marlatt reconstruction.
Commissioner Greg McKinley was absent from Monday’s meeting.