RCPD 2020 budget proposal (courtesy graphic)

MANHATTAN — The Riley County Law Board has signed off on its 2020 budget for publication, totaling just under $694,000.

The final proposal, approved Monday, subtracts $137,000 from the Riley County Police Department’s initial budget request for next year. That proposal is the same budget impact of a 1 percent cost of living adjustment (COLA), while still maintaining an actual 1.9 percent COLA for employees. To make this happen, RCPD officials had to reduce funds in other parts of the initial proposal from different funds.

Captain Josh Kyle says the legal fees line item had the largest reduction from an initial $100,000 request down to $40,000.

      Butler legal fees

Director Dennis Butler says to make that up, RCPD may have to borrow from personnel later in the year. Another significant reduction is in the IT funds which also was reduced by $40,000 from the initial request.

      Butler fund

RCPD Capt Erin Friedline included a rough draft for a new IT policy and its intention, which she highlighted during Monday’s meeting.

      Friedline IT

The budget proposal also shows a carry over from 2018 of $91,713. But as Captain Kyle said Monday, those funds aren’t returned into the RCPD budget. Rather, those funds are split 80/20 and reduce the city and county’s RCPD obligation for the upcoming budget year. Other reductions included $31,000 from overtime funding and about $6,000 from on-call pay.

The proposed will be published in the Manhattan Mercury no later than June 14. The Law Board will conduct a public hearing prior to approving the budget at its June 17 meeting.

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