A Riley County judge will allow certain Department for Children and Family records to be presented as evidence in the sexual abuse case of Robert Iacobellis.

This comes after defense attorney Lora Ingels filed a motion to deny DCF the opportunity to quash a subpoena.

Judge Kendra Lewison ruled Tuesday that records be given to the court for an in camera inspection, which is defined as what happens when a judge reviews evidence (depositions, documents, photos, etc.) to determine whether it should be provided to other parties. It will be up to Judge Lewison to determine what is permissible for defense proceedings in the case.

Lewison instructed DCF to have those records produced no later than Oct. 26, which is the next status hearing in the case. Lewison indicated that the case is inching closer to being scheduled for a trial. It is currently being reviewed the Office of Judicial Administration.

Iacobellis, the former owner of Bob’s Diner, faces 26 counts of sexual abuse involving three minors.

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