Riley County Extension Director Gary Fike briefed county commissioners Thursday about the first meeting of the Riley County Fairgrounds Task Force.

Fike, who chairs the task force, says they met last week, coming to consensus that a move to the area north of Kimball Avenue, near the Stanley Stout Center, isn’t the best option.

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One area that has been floated as a possible relocation site is property west of the Public Works shops, north of Manhattan, on the south side of Tuttle Creek Blvd. Fike says the area has plenty of space for some of their wish list items, including a potential rodeo/show arena under one roof.

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The county could opt to keep the fairgrounds at CiCo Park, but would likely have to upgrade facilities. USD 383 also has expressed interest in expanding its athletics facilities in CiCo, prompting the potential that Riley County could sell the fairgrounds property to the district.