Staff members of the Riley County Historical Museum received a plaque honoring their former director, Cheryl Collins.
Commission Chair John Ford presented a plaque to staff members in memory of Collins.  Those in attendance were Curator of Design and Interim Director Allana Parker, Curator of Collections Dawn Munger, and Archivist/Librarian Linda Glasgow.
Ford says this was something he wished he didn’t have to do, and hopes future commissioners do have to as well.
      John Ford

Ford wanted the staff members present to speak Collins so everyone can see how close they were.
Parker accepted the plaque and spoke about Collins’ legacy.
      Allana Parker 1

Parker also spoke to some of the awards and honors Collins had received during her tenure with the county.  One of Parker’s favorite things about Collins was her knowledge of the area and the kindness she showed to the community.
      Allana Parker 2

Munger says as the newest member of the team, Collins welcomed her with open arms.
      Dawn Munger

Glasgow had just started at the museum when Collins was an intern.
      Linda Glasgow

Glasgow was pleased when Collins became the director as it gave them tremendous continuity and was she was a wonderful boss.  She says Collins was a good friend and she misses her terribly.
The plaque will be put on display in the Riley County Museum.

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