O’Malley’s in Aggieville (Photo by: Brandon Peoples/KMAN)

The Riley County Health Department has issued an order to O’Malley’s and O’Malley’s Alley in Aggieville to close immediately after borth were found to be in violation of Local Health Order No. 18.

According to a release from the health department, both establishments were found to be in violation of section 2B which states the following:

  • All restaurants and bars are limited to seated areas only. This includes patios.
  • Service or consumption of food or drinks while standing at a counter/bar or in standing-only areas is prohibited.
  • Consumption of food and beverages shall only take place at a counter or table via seated service.

O’Malley’s, and O’Malley’s Alley also violated section 2A #1 of Order No. 18 which also states:

  • All individuals present within the city limits of Manhattan must comply with the local mask ordinance.

O’Malley’s becomes the first establishment forced to close after several Riley County residents reported violations at the two establishments Friday and efforts to resolve the issues were not successful. RCPD and Local Health Officer Julie Gibbs confirmed the violations. The two establishments are owned by William Porter. The health department reported it was placing placards on the front entrance of the bars Saturday.

By statute, Gibbs has authority to prohibit public gatherings and take other measures necessary to ensure public health safety.

(This story has been contributed to by Steven Shaffur and Brandon Peoples)

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