The first official photo of POWERFLO — the new band featuring BIOHAZARD‘s Billy Graziadei and former FEAR FACTORY bassist/guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers alongside Sen Dog from CYPRESS HILL, Rogelio Lozano from DOWNSET, and Brazilian drummer Fernando Schaefer — can be seen above.

POWERFLO is putting the finishing touches on its debut album for a tentative late spring release via New Damage Records. The effort was mixed by Jay Baumgardner and was mastered by Maor Appelbaum.

Regarding how the name for the new project came about, Christian told The New American Media at this year’s NAMM show (see video below): “Basically, Sen Dog was spitting his game on some of the heavy riffs and shit. And he was, like, ‘Do you like this?’ And Roy, the other guitar player, said, ‘Yeah. A power flow. That’s good.’ So that’s where it kind of came from.”

During the same interview, Graziadei described POWERFLO‘s musical direction as a cross between IRON MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH and CYPRESS HILL, and expressed hope that the new project would hit the road later in the year.

In February 2016, BIOHAZARD parted ways with its frontman of five years, Scott Roberts. A replacement singer has not yet been announced.

Olde Wolbers hinted in an interview last fall that he would join BIOHAZARD as the band’s new frontman, but the group has not confirmed his involvement.

The last BIOHAZARD album, 2012’s “Reborn In Defiance”, featured Evan Seinfeld on lead vocals.