The Flint Hills Regional Council recently voted to increase membership fees from 60 cents per-capita to 90 cents per-capita in a move to help sustain the organization in the future and repay some of its debts.
Pottawatomie County Administrator Chad Kinsley says he does not support the measure, as it would increase the county’s contributions by more than double.
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Previously the county has paid around $5,800 annually based on 2010 census figures. The new fees are calculated on 2020 census data, and would cost the county just under $13,000.
Commissioner Dee McKee, the county’s representative on the council, says while she doesn’t support the increase, she does support the council and its objectives.
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The commission hopes to invite a representative in January to learn more about the need for the increase.

From the Nov. 30 packet of the Flint Hills Regional Council meeting.

Pottawatomie County commissioners on Monday also approved a rezoning of a tract of land on the southeast corner of Lake Elbo Road and Harvest Road.

The request was from Dr. Steven Bellinger to allow artisan manufacturing in addition to other uses already permitted for the purposes of semi-conductor development. The tract was rezoned from R1 to a Planned Unit Rural Development in 2015 to allow for a microbrewery operation. County Planner Stephan Metzger says the noise restrictions on either fall under the county’s regulations.

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Commissioner McKee questioned whether the operation would be allowed to do tastings, which Metzger replied requires a conditional use permit.

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The commission eventually has plans to pave Harvest Road and Metzger says this building won’t interfere with any right-of-way acquisition which may be required in the future.

During administrative updates, County Administrator Chad Kinsley informed the commission about his recent visit last Thursday with the Blue Township Board, which has been highly critical of some of the county’s recent actions.

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The county received a letter last month from the township board refusing to support a signalized crosswalk, due to the county’s use of ARPA funds to pay out $100,000 in employee bonuses, a move that is within the parameters of the federal guidelines.

Kinsley says the two sides will work to improve their communications.

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