Paul Stanley‘s father is celebrating his 101st birthday today (Wednesday, April 7).

This morning, the KISS frontman tweeted out a photo of him with his dad, along with the caption: “My Dad Is 101 Today!! Happy Birthday! I love you more than ever and I hope you are here for another 101 years.”

In KISS‘s official authorized biography “Kiss: Behind The Mask”, Stanley said that his father was born in the U.S. but “his parents were Russian-Hungarian-Polish.”

Paul recalled: “My family wasn’t that well off. When I was six, my father bought me a bike, which was the only thing that I was given of any value. We weren’t affluent, but we survived. There were times when money was very tight. In Manhattan, the four of us lived in a one-bedroom apartment; my parents slept in the living room and my sister and I shared the bedroom. My father worked as a furniture salesman, and my mother was a teacher. Originally, she was a registered nurse, and then she taught retarded kids. Ultimately, she became a full-time housewife.”

Stanley was born with a facial deformity, microtia, which prevented his right ear from forming properly and left him deaf on the right side. He later said that his parents had their own problems and did not acknowledge or provide support for Paul‘s difficulties.

Stanley said it took him decades into adulthood and plenty of therapy to help conquer his lack of self-esteem.

KISS kicked off its second farewell tour, dubbed “End Of The Road”, in January 2019. The global trek is scheduled to wrap in July 2021 in New York City.