OBITUARY bassist Terry Butler spoke to Heavy Culture about how he and his family are coping with the coronavirus crisis in their home state of Florida. He said (see video below): “We’re still practicing social distancing. And here at our house, we don’t really go out unless we need to get food or something. We’re still being as safe as possible.

“It’s horrible,” he continued. “The whole world is experiencing this. It’s shut down a lot of stuff, but the music industry has been completely shut down. And I just hope soon we can get a vaccine or something and get back to some kind of normalcy on the planet.

“Everything we had scheduled for this year has been postponed, and it’s gonna be rescheduled for 2021. So hopefully that will go through — festival dates and some tours we had lined up.”

Asked how things are going with OBITUARY at the moment, Butler said: “Things are going good. Things are starting to kind of move along a little bit. We actually started writing some new material for a new album. We have a handful of songs kind of written — a lot of rhythms getting kicked around. We’re gonna start practicing soon.

“We’re gonna be doing something really cool,” he added. “I can’t announce it yet. We’re gonna announce it in about a week. I don’t wanna say it at the moment, because I don’t wanna be the one to get in trouble. But it’s gonna be cool, and we’ll blast it out over all the social sites.

“For about three or four months, we kind of didn’t do anything, just because the world was crazy. I mean, it’s still crazy. So we’re kind of starting to pick the instruments up right now and do some stuff and get the blood flowing again.

“Our hope is in 2021, maybe in the first half of the year, put a new record out.”

OBITUARY‘s latest, self-titled studio album was released in 2017 via Relapse.