Diagram of Aggieville Traffic Flow through Fall 2022 (City of Manhattan courtesy image)

Construction will begin Monday on North Manhattan Avenue in Aggieville, which will close a portion of the street from Fremont to Moro through this fall.

McCown Gordon and the City of Manhattan will begin work Monday on the next Aggieville Vision phase. The full project will encompass North Manhattan Avenue from Fremont to Bluemont Avenue and will include complete reconstruction of the street, sidewalks, water lines, and storm sewer.

During the initial phase of construction, the city says access to the Aggieville Parking Garage will only be accessible via 14th and Laramie Streets. The public parking lot north of Laramie Street will remain open to the public and is accessible from 12th Street.

The $6 million project was approved by the City Commission in December, using revenues from Aggieville’s Tax Increment Finance district and through the 0.5 percent Economic Recovery and Relief sales tax approved by voters, which will commence in January.

Olsson concept rendering of N. Manhattan Avenue after project completion (City of Manhattan courtesy image)