Pulling nearly half a million views in less than two hours online, AC/DC has released the video for their new advance song from the much-rumoured and long-awaited new effort titled “Power Up“.

In 2018, photos of the band outside their favorite studio in Vancouver appeared, fueling rumours that the band was back together and working on a new album.  Nearly two months ago, the Aussie rockers turned the long-circulated rumours of a new album and return of Johnson true by ‘accidentally’ leaking photos of the video on their Twitter feed. The pics were quickly removed, but not after being widely shared. Then a few weeks later, the first 30 seconds of ‘Shot In The Dark’ was released. Two weeks ago, K-ROCK added the song to our power rotation.

The new tune features a near classic line-up of the band in a performance visual. Phil Rudd is back on drums after his brief alteration with law enforcement, Cliff Williams for Bass duties, Angus, of course, on lead guitar and Brian Johnson makes a triumphant return to vocals. Added to the band since Malcolm’s passing is legacy member Stevie Young, nephew to the guitar slingers for the band.

Stevie took his place in the line with the last release of “Rock Or Bust” in 2014. This is the first album since that effort and the hiatus of Brian Johnson, who suffered hearing loss during the tour for Rock Or Bust. Brian was replaced by Axl Rose for the remainder.

Power Up (PWRϟUP) is set for release November 13, 2020.