Beginning in the Fall of 2022 Kansas State University will require freshman students to live on campus.
Richard Myers, K-State President says this has been a topic for several years, but one that is finally being put into action.
“The evidence, the data, the research is very clear. If you are in a, we’ll call it a supervised living situation your freshman year, the chances of being successful at the university go way up.”
Myers says even with this requirement, fees for tuition and housing will stay separate. He adds that even though freshman will be living on campus, they will still have plenty of housing options.
“In our housing program, we have lots of different tiers of cost. Wefald Hall, our newest residence hall, is the most expensive. Some of our older halls are less expensive. And how you choose to live, with two roommates, one roommate, by yourself, there are all sorts of options trying to meet different people’s needs.”
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