The first-ever Megadeth Boot Camp — which was described in a press release as “a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the ultimate MEGADETH fan” — officially kicked off on Friday, March 10 on MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine‘s private estate in Fallbrook, California.

Several “experience packages” for the event were sold, with prices ranging from $1999 to $5499.

As part of the premium boot camp package, guests are camping in a private furnished bell tent with beds and a lounge. Premium ticketholders are also provided breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, gaining priority access to various workshops and exclusive access to an intimate acoustic performance from MEGADETH.

Fans opting for the $2000 second-tier package are staying at a hotel fifteen minutes away with shuttle service to the estate each day.

Over the weekend, attendees are getting the opportunity to meet members of the band at a question-and-answer session, participate in guitar, bass and drum clinics, drink coffee from bassist David Ellefson‘s boutique coffee brand Ellefson Coffee Co. with Ellefson himself and go to a wine-tasting session with Mustaine. There is also time allotted for campfire stories with bandmembers.

Ellefson, who is a pastor in the Lutheran church, is also conducting a “contemporary non-denominational service” at the event, dubbed “Megadeth Church.”

Mustaine told Rolling Stone that “Megadeth Church” is a way for David to “feel connected” with the fans.

“I was thinking, what’s the greatest way for David to feel complete with everyone?” he said. “I figured it would be great if he came and did a twelve-step thing. That way it’s a super personal way for people to connect with him, because if I was going to allow someone to connect with me on a more personal level, there really is no better way.”

Asked what he wants people to take away from this experience, Mustaine said: “Certainly none of the furniture. [Laughs] The thing I’d most like people to take away from this is that we’re good people. We want everyone to have fun and enjoy an intimate experience with us and learn a little bit about who we are and what we do.”

Mustaine put the Fallbrook house on the market in October 2015 for $5.375 million — more than five times what he paid for it three years earlier — but that price came down in June 2016 by almost a million and a half to $3.895 million. The property now sits at an even lower price of $3.195 million, according to public records.

Mustaine and his family moved to Nashville in October 2014.


Day 1 Megadeth Boot Camp ☑️ at Dave Mustaine's house!?!

Posted by Jose Mangin on Friday, March 10, 2017

Megadeth boot camp day one

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