LINKIN PARK vocalist Mike Shinoda has released the official music video for the song “I.O.U.”. The track is taken from Mike‘s solo album, “Post Traumatic”, which came out last June.

Directed by Chady Awad, the “I.O.U.” video features exclusive footage from Mike‘s U.S. tour this past fall and comes just days after the kick-off of his European headline leg in Berlin.

“I.O.U.” follows the recent release of Mike‘s two new tracks, “Prove You Wrong” and “What The Words Meant”, which are now available on all DSPs for the very first time as part of “Post Traumatic (Deluxe Edition)”.

Shinoda told Forbes about “I.O.U.”: “[It’s] a really grimy, dark hip-hop track. It’s all braggadocio and it comes from the type of hip-hop that I listened to growing up. I took it to Jason Joshua to mix. He mixes a lot of modern hip-hop and pop, but a ton of really great dark hip-hop records, and we were talking about the track, and he goes, ‘Who did the track on this?’ I’m, like, ‘What, what do you mean?’ This is the first time we worked together so he didn’t know I make all the music. I’m always driving the ship in the LINKIN PARK album-writing and the sound-creation process.

“On this record, I did 90 percent of the stuff, made 90 percent of the sounds and wrote the songs and all the lyrics and everything,” he continued. “When I did open the door to collaborate with other people, it was usually something that just happened naturally; it was with friends and folks that I trust and I respect. At the end of the day, it’s my record, it’s got my name on it. I need to make sure that everything is reflective of how I see things and how I present it.”

Some of the new LP was inspired by the death almost two years ago of LINKIN PARK singer Chester Bennington. The latter was found dead in his Los Angeles-area home on July 20, 2017 after hanging himself. LINKIN PARK headlined an all-star tribute concert for Bennington in October 2017 in Los Angeles but has not announced any future plans for recording or touring.