LAMB OF GOD guitarist Mark Morton spoke to Australia’s Subculture Entertainment about how he has been spending his coronavirus downtime. He said (hear audio below): “I have certainly taken advantage of the time with family and the time at home to kind of slow down a little bit. In this business that I’m in, you’re always kind of jumping from one mode to the next; you don’t really ever stop. People see us sort of disappear off the road and think that we’re on a break or a hiatus, I guess, if they think about it. But typically, we go straight off the road right into some sort of writing mode or pre-production or that kind of thing.

“This situation, as unfortunate as it is, has provided me personally with [an opportunity] to press ‘pause’ a little bit and reflect on where I’m at, spend time with family and enjoy our beautiful home,” he continued. “I have been writing. I’m kind of always writing, so that’s not like a revolutionary development for me. I write when it comes — I don’t sit down and go, ‘Okay, so this week I’m gonna write.’ If I have a song idea, I sit down and make a demo, and that’s that. So that’s not been different, but it’s happened a lot in the last four, five months where I’ve got a lot of song ideas coming together, a lot of ideas just kind of jumping out at me, and I do have the time and the access to my studio to document that stuff and to work on it a little bit. So that’s been a real positive for me.

“Writing and recording and creating new music is my favorite part out of all the things we get to do,” Mark revealed. “here’s a lot of elements, a lot of components about being in a band like LAMB OF GOD. Performing and touring is one of them. Writing and recording is another one of them. The writing and recording part is far and away my favorite part of what we get to do. And so I have been doing some writing. I’ve been writing some stuff for LAMB, some stuff for other people, some stuff for my own solo project, so there’s a lot of new music jumping out of me right now.”

Later this month, LAMB OF GOD will offer fans first-time-ever live performances of its latest album, “Lamb Of God”, and the landmark 2004 LP “Ashes Of The Wake”, both performed live in their entirety in the band’s hometown of Richmond, Virginia. As standalone ticketed events, these performances will be LAMB OF GOD‘s only chance to perform these songs for fans this year — and the band are ready to deliver to the highest degree.

The first stream, scheduled for Friday, September 18, will see the band perform songs from its latest self-titled album live for the very first time. For the second stream, on Friday, September 25, the band will perform the ground-breaking RIAA-gold-certified album “Ashes Of The Wake”, in its entirety for the first time ever. Both sets will feature encores, including fan favorites as well as songs that haven’t been performed in years.

For more information including tickets and merch bundles, go to this location.

“Lamb Of God” came out in June via Epic Records in the U.S. and Nuclear Blast Records in Europe.