Metal Wani‘s Jackie Mtz conducted an interview with guitarist/vocalist Mille Petrozza of German thrash metal veterans KREATOR before the band’s March 24 concert at Club Red in Mesa, Arizona. You can now watch the chat below.

Asked about DESTRUCTION frontman Schmier‘s recent comment that it was up to KREATOR to make the “German Big Four” tour — featuring KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, SODOM and TANKARD — a reality, Mille said: “That’s Schmier‘s view. It’s not true. We’re working on it behind the scenes. The thing is it’s not… Hi, Schmier. I love you. You know that. The thing is it’s scheduling. To us, me and Schmier, we’re on the same page. We wanna do a whole world tour. But the other two bands only wanna tour for three weeks of the year, because they can’t [do more than that] — they have day jobs. So we’re fucked. And we tried. I’m honest with you — we have tried to set up a whole South American tour with KREATOR, SODOM and [DESTRUCTION]. We asked the bands, and two out of four were available. So it’s not on us — it’s not on me and Schmier — it’s on the other two bands. But at this point we’re working on some festivals maybe or a few selected shows where we can do it. But I think it’s not important. To me, we’re touring so much, and also DESTRUCTION [is] touring so much, it would be a nice bonus, a nice thing to have, especially for the fans — the fans would love to see this. But if it doesn’t happen, whatever. I would like to see it. But it’s not that I am the one that is blocking it. I am the one that is trying to make it happen and it’s just certain things that I’m not… To me, if I wanna do it, I want every fan in the world to have the chance to see this and not only the people in Germany.”

KREATOR is headlining this year’s edition of the annual Decibel Magazine Tour. Support on the trek is coming from Florida death metal legends OBITUARY, old-school Ohio brutalizers MIDNIGHT and progressive death prodigies HORRENDOUS.

KREATOR‘s new album, “Gods Of Violence”, entered the official chart in Germany at position No. 1. The cover artwork for the disc was created by renowned artist Jan Meininghaus, who also made the limited-edition artwork for KREATOR‘s previous effort, 2012’s “Phantom Antichrist”, and has lent his talents to bands like BOLT THROWER, ACCEPT and OVERKILL in the past.

The exclusive North American cover for “Gods Of Violence” was created by renowned artist Marcelo Vasco, who has previously worked with SLAYER, MACHINE HEAD, SOULFLY and HATEBREED.