Kansas State University continues to show importance of diversity and inclusion.

In light of the recent ruling in the Breonna Taylor case in Kentucky, on Wednesday, the K-State President for Student Life along with the Multicultural Diversity and Inclusion Officer and others hosted a Day of Remembrance event. The event included a come-and-go vigil as well as a viewing of the documentary “The Killing of Breonna Taylor”, followed by a discussion. During the discussion, one attendee spoke about how important events like these are to furthering community engagement.

Day of Remembrance Event (Steven Shaffur/KMAN)

“It’s incredibly important to continue to communicate like this, but I think it’s also important that we don’t make assumptions that just because you are a white person that you’ve grown up in less than poverty, and just because you haven’t grown up in poverty doesn’t mean that you cannot empathize with another race,” she says.

Another person at the event spoke on how our area can be more inclusive.

“It starts with relationship building, we have to be able to talk, and thinks like this are helpful. It takes people in the community to invest their personal time into just trying to build relationships,” he says.

Day or Remembrance Event (Steven Shaffur/KMAN)

Kansas State has held several events to stress the importance of diversity and inclusion in recent months. To stay up to date on future events you can visit k-state.edu.

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