Joe Perry has new recordings, and apparently he’s tapped Iggy Pop, David Johansen and Terry Reid, among others, to help with the tracks.

He’s been working on songs in California studio, but Joe says he’s not sure if all of the tracks will end up a solo album, stuff for Aerosmith, or something new for his Hollywood Vampires project.

The songs featuring his vocalist friends are the only songs he knows for sure will be on his solo album.

Joe said, “One night, Iggy Pop stopped by the studio after he’d done a show here and listened to a couple of tunes. Within a couple hours, he had finished [recording] everything and that was really the turning point for the record. It was really, really good to go that way. And then Terry Reid sang on at least four songs, and David Johansen came in. We got three or four tunes.”

(Rolling Stone)