An Olympic White 1971 Fender Stratocaster owned and played by Jimmy Page during the early 1990s has just hit the auction block at Gotta Have Rock and Roll.

The LED ZEPPELIN guitarist first came in contact with this guitar in 1991, when Page moved to Lake Tahoe to record the COVERDALE/PAGE album with David Coverdale. Coverdale lived there and thought it would be best to be together to record the album. At this time of Page‘s life, he did not perform at many concerts and liked to jam out at small venues and bars.

On Friday, May 24, 1991, Page walked into the famous Legends bar without telling anyone. That night the band PUBLIC EYE was performing, a staple in Lake Tahoe. Jimmy wanted to jam with them but he did not bring any guitars with him during his stay at Lake Tahoe. Lead guitarist Robbie Cade of PUBLIC EYE offered several guitars, including a Les Paul to Jimmy, but Jimmy said, “I only like playing Stratocasters.” Robbie Cade offered Page his 1971 Olympic White Strat and Page instantly fell in love. Page had one in his ZEPPELIN years but it got stolen, making this a “reunion” of sorts. They jammed throughout the night and as a token of thanks, he let Jimmy keep the guitar. Jimmy returned again that Saturday to jam and on June 1, 1991, all while using this guitar. Robbie thought this was the last he’d see of this guitar, and when he went on vacation to Hawaii and returned at the end of June, he was surprised to see Jimmy brought the guitar back to Legends and gave it back as a thanks. Page was “recording” the COVERDALE/PAGE album during his time in Lake Tahoe, but left to record in a proper studio.

The guitar, which is worth around $15,000 as an instrument, can be exactly matched to the cigarette burn on the bottom of the guitar neck. It comes with the original case, a letter of provenance from Robbie Cade and a Gotta Have Rock And Roll certificate of authenticity.

Minimum bid is set for $60K.