EMPEROR frontman Ihsahn (real name: Vegard Sverre Tveitan) will enter Sonic Attic Studio in Notodden, Norway next week to begin recording his new solo album. Laying down the drum tracks on the follow-up to last year’s “Arktis” disc will be Tobias Ørnes Andersen, who has previously played in the Norwegian bands SHINING and LEPROUS.

“Arktis” was recorded at Ihsahn‘s studio in Notodden, Norway and was mixed in Sweden by Jens Bogren (OPETH, KATATONIA). The album featured guest appearances from Einar Solberg (LEPROUS), Matt Heafy (TRIVIUM), Jorgen Munkeby (SHINING) and renowned Norwegian author Hans Herbjornsrud. Graphic elements for “Arktis” once again were provided by award-winning Spanish designer Ritxi Ostariz.

Asked if he follows today’s black metal scene and what his opinion is on it, Ihsahn told Metal Jacket Magazine last year: “I don’t really follow anything. [Laughs] I guess that was my problem, even at the start. I must admit that it was always my colleague Samoth [guitar] from EMPEROR who had the big network and connections and everything. And I’ve been kind of tagging along and focusing on doing the music and writing lyrics and all that.”

He continued: “It’s kind of paradox. I mean, this whole black metal scene, with all these rules and kind of fashion police [laughs] coming out from this very individualistic and free-thought type of philosophy. So, for me, I think, in my own mind, what I do now musically is still black metal. For me, it comes from the same source. So, to me, black metal is not a type of guitar sound played at this or this speed with screeching vocals. For me, black metal is an attitude and an atmosphere. For me, Diamanda Galás‘Plague Mass’ is just as black metal as any BATHORY album.”