Texas power metal kings HELSTAR have released the video for “Awaken Unto Darkness”, the new single from their current LP, “Vampiro”, a continuation of their classic 1989 Metal Blade release “Nosferatu”.

Mixed by legendary metal producer Bill Metoyer (with HELSTAR‘s Larry Barragan) who also produced and mixed “Nosferatu”, “Vampiro” has been critically acclaimed, heralded as a stunning return to form for the band, garnering massive worldwide press, and ending up dozens on “best of 2016” lists from some of the top metal sites around the globe.

Said HELSTAR vocalist James Rivera about “Vampiro”: “It’s great to go back and revisit the themes from one of our classic albums and kinda carry that on into the future, and it’s something it seems the fans are very excited about.”

Released worldwide on August 2016 via EMP Label Group, “Vampiro” is now available as a limited-edition double red vinyl LP, in a deluxe gatefold packaging, at select retailers, or direct from empmerch.com. The album will also see a 2017 Russian release through Fono Records.

An influential force in the American power metal movement, HELSTAR was formed in Houston in 1982 by guitarist Larry Barragan, who quickly assembled the band’s original lineup, including Rivera. HELSTAR released its debut LP, “Burning Star”, in 1984 via Combat Records, and followed it up with a string of seminal releases, including “Nosferatu”, before a ’90s hiatus. The band became active again with Barragan and Rivera in 2006, and recently completed a full headlining European tour and a U.S. tour with FLOTSAM AND JETSAM.