In a brand new interview with AntiHero Magazine, HELLYEAH frontman Chad Gray spoke about the band’s recent European tour as the support act for KORN. He said: “I’ve been a fan of these guys [KORN] since ’95, way before I was singing and doing it professionally. I saw them play in fucking a theater opening for MARILYN MANSON and fucking DANZIG, and they had no space. It was the five of them lined up across the front of the stage, the drums were in the middle, Jonathan [Davis, vocals] and Munky [guitar] were on one side, Head [guitar] and Fieldy [bass] were on the other side. And they just came in and I’ve been a fan of the band for about like four or five months. So, I knew about them. So many people did not. Like, ‘You fucking know KORN?’ It’s one of these kind of things when you know a band and nobody else does. It’s, like, ‘How do you not know about this band?’ I remember so many people, after ‘Life Is Peachy’ was out, [I would tell them], ‘I like fucking KORN.’ Who? And I’m, like, ‘KORN! How can you fucking not know about this band? They have two records out and they are fucking awesome!’ And they came in and played, and they just fucking blew it up. I mean destroyed it. It was awesome. And I have been a fan ever since. And me and Jonathan go way back. MUDVAYNE [Chad‘s former band] supported these guys a couple different times.”

He added: “What’s more important to me, because I’m a fan, I love their music. But the really cool part is being friends. And we are friends, we have a lot of respect for one another. We’ve been friends for a long time. So, there’s a lot of mutual admiration. I love what he does and he loves what I do. The band, he loves us and the KORN crew loves us. We love [KORN] and crew and it’s a fucking win-win all the way around.”

HELLYEAH‘s fifth album, “Unden!able”, was released in June 2016 via Eleven Seven Music. The effort marks the first time HELLYEAH‘s current lineup — Gray, guitarist Tom Maxwell, guitarist Christian Brady, drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott and bassist Kyle Sanders — has recorded together as a unit.