Starting July 5th, bridge construction will kick off to replace a bridge on Havensville Road, approximately three-quarters of a mile east of Onaga Road and between Sunflower Road and Trails End Road.

This project will replace an over 90-year-old bridge. It was determined that repairs to the deteriorating bridge substructure would be more expensive than replacing the bridge entirely. The bridge was selected by KDOT to receive funding in the amount of $455,000.

Pottawatomie County Commissioner Dee McKee said this approximately $827,000 project will address just one of two Havensville Road bridges in need of repair.

      McKee 1

Due to damage on the second bridge, Havensville Road is down to one lane. Design work for this project is currently underway and bid letting will begin later this year.

In addition to the Havensville project, the county is moving forward with the Louisville Bridge replacement as they continue their search for state funds.

      McKee 2

McKee indicated the Louisville project will likely take 1.5 years to complete.

The Havensville Bridge construction is expected to wrap up by the end of the year with weather permitting.