“Walk Through Fire”, a brand new song from Polish extreme black/death metallers HATE, can be streamed below. The track is taken from the band’s new album, “Tremendum”, which is being released today (Friday, May 5) via Napalm Records. The cover artwork was created by Daniel Rusilowicz and can be seen below.

The title “Tremendum” (eeriness and the fear of the holy) refers to an archaic notion of holiness, which is both good and evil. And you will have absolutely no doubt which part of it this band represents.

You will rediscover the band and on a new level, as they seem to reach into different musical resources, including progressive beats, ingenious song structures and a completely new sound, which is still authentically harsh and yet very powerful.

Buszko stated about the album artwork: “The drawing on the cover depicts a nighthawk (Polish: lelek), a nocturnal bird that was treated with great respect by Slavic tribes in pre-Christian times. Nighthawks were believed to bring souls to this world and take them away from dying people. In that case, they gathered in big numbers screeching for long hours. So they were called ‘messengers of death.’ As this album has different Slavic references, we chose Nighthawk as a symbol that best conveys its meaning.”

In a 2016 interview with All About The Rock, HATE leader Adam “ATF Sinner” Buszko stated about the songwriting process for “Tremendum”: “What I can tell you is that we took a new direction; we want to renew the whole sound of the band and we have a different approach to writing songs — we are doing it all to the last detail in our rehearsal room. Nothing is created on a computer this time. So when it comes to composing, we are kind of back to the roots. We also changed the studio; it will not be Hertz any more, but Custom 34 in Gdańsk, Poland, where we will be working with Arek ‘Malta’ Malczewski behind the console.

“It all sounds very fresh, very dynamic and we are back to truly extreme and dark music, which makes me feel great! There are some ethnic vibes in the songs as well as strong industrial-like elements. I plan to write a few lyrics in Polish for the first time as well. There will definitely be some choruses in Polish, so that’ll be quite a change too.”

“Tremendum” track listing:

01. Asuric Being
02. Indestructible Pillar
03. Svarog’s Mountain
04. Numinosum
05. Fidelis Ad Mortem
06. Into Burning Gehenna
07. Sea Of Rubble
08. Ghostforce
09. Walk Through Fire
10. Hearts Of Steel (Bonus Track)

HATE is:

Adam “ATF Sinner” Buszko – Guitar, Vocals
Pavulon – Drums
Apeiron – Bass (live)
Domin – Guitar (live)