Kansas Governor Laura Kelly took a trip out to Westmoreland on Wednesday to proclaim May as Kansas Beef Month.

      Kelly 1

The proclamation was held at the Cross Country Genetics facility in Westmoreland.

CCG specializes in bovine fertilization and embryo transfers, serving farmers and ranchers across the country.

Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Mike Beam said the work being done at this facility has made great strides in the Kansas beef industry.


Kelly said this month is meant to celebrate the impact of the state’s beef industry and the dedicated workers who have made Kansas one of the leading states in beef product exports.

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Gov. Kelly displays Beef Month Proclamation, joined by local CCG staff

Kelly said she will also continue to support local beef producers at the legislative level.

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According to the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Kansas exported $1.88 billion worth of beef products globally in 2021 with over 6 million cattle on Kansas soil.

You can learn more about Cross Country Genetics and the services they provide to ranchers and farmers on their website.